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Safesite saves time

  • Safety Ecosystem

    Seamlessly manage all site activities from inductions through to infractions with automated email and sms communication.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Streamline safety monitoring and reporting, and benefit from higher levels of compliance in less time.

  • Reduced Liability

    Manage clear lines of accountability throughout all levels of site safety, reducing liability and financial risk.

  • Real-time Reporting

    Harness real time data to produce information rich graphs and reports for safety reporting and analysis.

21st Century construction Management

A site safety management system coordinated entirely on smart digital devices. Safesite is a powerful tool that simplifies complex processes through streamlining safety forms and automated communication with all safety stakeholders. The Safesite desktop management portal provides a centralised location for full customisation of the system and output of meaningful information based on real time site data. By removing paperwork, removing legwork and providing a centralised, coordinated safety tool for supervisors, Safesite will save time, save money and improve site safety culture.

Teams from 5 - 100+


Scale from small to large sites easily by tailoring features to just what you need. Save time, save money and surpass safety requirements.


Ensure compliance of strict safety standards and reporting requirements with levels of efficiency never seen before.


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